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Japan Market Overview

Japan’s MedTech market is an enormous opportunity

global medtech mkt 2018.JPG

Japan is the world’s

second largest single country MedTech market with roughly 7% of worldwide revenues, accounting for a higher proportion of global profit.

Structure of the Japanese Medical Device Market

stucture of japanese medical device mark
  • The total medical device market in Japan (not including IVD) is 3 trillion JPY (28B USD)

  • Imports account for more than half the market

  • Therapeutic (treatment) devices are the most attractive opportunity

  1. Largest segment at 58% of total

  2. High growth rate (6% per year)

  3. High import ratio (70%)

Examples of Treatment Devices

This image demonstrates Implantable card


Central venous catheter with needle and
close up details for the transplantation


Artificial Joint

Characteristics of the Market

  • Single payer system, universal access, high utilization

  • 7,353 general hospitals, compared to 5,530 in the US

  • Over 28% of Japan’s population is over 65, accelerating need for medical innovation

  • Regulatory approval speed has improved dramatically over the last decade

Japan Market Entry Options


Healthcare System:  Overview


Healthcare System: Medical fee - Patient burden

healthcare system medical fee patient bu

Meetings with MHLW

Companies need to go through a series of meetings with MHLW

in order to gain reimbursement approval in Japan

Series of meetings with MHLW.png

Reimbursement Pathway for New Medical Devices

reimbursement pathway.JPG
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