Message from CEO

Rebert E. Claar,CEO

Robert E. Claar, CEO

Mark Campbell and I established Vorpal Technologies in April of 2013 in order to provide healthcare innovators with a quick and safe method of entering the highly profitable Japanese market.

Japan market entry is challenging, and we have seen a number of companies struggle over the years in terms of regulatory strategy, reimbursement levels or distributor selection. We built Vorpal to help companies mitigate those risks and do things right the first time.

Vorpal ensures transparency and control for the healthcare innovator company. We are experts at supporting companies at every step of their regulatory, reimbursement and commercialization programs, acting as their virtual subsidiary in Japan.

We help companies bring infrastructure online in Japan on a step-wise basis that conserves capital and enables optimal valuation for their position in the market.

Vorpal is proud and grateful to work with healthcare innovators to facilitate their market entry, and to enable access to medical innovations for patients and providers in Japan.


Message from CEO
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